During our careers at various direct marketing agencies, we’ve worked on dozens of corporate websites, promotional websites, email campaigns, online media campaigns, mobile marketing promotions and video projects.

Current Projects

We’re currently working on a number of exciting projects:

  • Subscription-based, financial trading reports for a leading industry expert.
  • Redesigning website for a local non-profit organization.
  • Website redesign for a physical therapist.
  • Corporate video for a manufacturing company.
  • Website redesign for a property maintenance business.
  • Consulting with a school regarding their marketing efforts and building a new website.
  • Marketing campaign for an industry organization.
  • Email marketing for a B2B company.
  • Various 1:1 consulting.
  • Counseling small business owners at the Small Business Development Center at Raritan Valley Community College
  • Teaching business classes at the Small Business Development Center at Raritan Valley Community College

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Past Completed Projects

The following are few examples of our accomplishments:

Health Care And Physical Fitness

Financial Services

Technology Companies

Consulting Companies

Marketing Companies

Consumer Focus/Retail

  • New website for a law firm.
  • Built eCommerce website for a luxury products retailer.
  • Portfolio website for a custom oil painting artist.
  • Website and blog for a new product for nursing mothers.
  • Designed first website for a organic gardening business.
  • Redesigned website for a catering business.
  • Redesigned website for a dog kennel.
  • Designed first website for a professional dog trainer website.


  • New website for a manufacturing company (Pending).
  • Developed first website for a B2B manufacturer promoting precision machining and assembly services to domestic and international businesses.

Non-Profit Organizations

Converted Websites to Content Management System

Sometimes the original creative design of a website is just fine, but the client isn’t able to easily make changes themselves. We can convert static websites to a dynamically generated, database driven Content Management System to make site management easier and enable additional functionality.


  • Designed over 60 digital ads.
  • Improved and optimized PPC campaign CTR 3x for online retailer.
  • Conduct Facebook advertising tests for various client.
  • Note: During his career, Mr. Reinhart also executed dozens of digital, print and direct mail campaigns.

While working for MS3 Marketing, Mr. Reinhart completed major projects for diverse brands. Some examples include:

  • A regional mortgage company that depends on it’s website for lead generation.
  • The premier firm in management psychology needed to redesign it’s website as a major part of it’s client acquisition strategy, as well as to attract high caliber talent.
  • One consumer website, two professional websites, Customer Relationship Management email program for lead generation and customer retention, online media campaigns, mobile marketing and a variety of promotions for ACUVUE Brand Contact Lenses (a Johnson & Johnson brand).
  • A promotional website to support a new product launch.
  • A start up company that needed a website to support lead generation efforts in promoting their next generation web application for commodities brokers.
  • Plus many more promotions, both online and offline, spanning twenty years.

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