This company needed a blog to demonstrate their subject matter expertise in a complicated financial niche.

CiS Options - Commodity Derivative ExpertsChallenge:

The client had a very specific vision of what the blog should look like and how it should function.


  • We designed the blogging website based on Search Engine Optimization best practices to increase the likeliness of the company being located keyword searches.
  • Enable visitors to subscribe to receive updates via an RSS feed or email subscription.
  • The site is built on a customizable Content Management System so staff can easily add content over time.
  • Implemented web analytics to monitor site usage and identify traffic sources.


I have contracted Roland’s firm for work 3 separate times, and was more than happy with the results. My firm will work with him again on future technology/marketing initiatives. Roland is very knowledgeable about website design and development. He takes time to listen and recommend the right solutions. Definitely talk to Roland if you want to redesign or build a new website.

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Vincent Lanci, Managing Partner
Echobay Partners, ltd.

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