Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2016-10-21T14:54:04-04:00
Why would I need a mobile responsive website? My customers don’t use that.2015-10-16T12:39:21-04:00

Do you really know the behaviors of your ideal prospect and the tools they use?

In 2015, 86% of adults use a smartphone and research their problems from anywhere with Internet access. It could be at lunch, commuting, waiting to pickup a family member, etc. It’s not always at a desktop with a full screen. That means it’s critical to be ready for how and when your prospect is ready. Make their experience positive so they are more likely to contact you.

How long does it take?2015-10-16T12:39:16-04:00

In the example of a standard website, when we agree on a project and have signed a contract, we’ll include an estimated timeline based on the requirements and dependencies. Typical timeline tasks include:

  • Kickoff meeting
  • Research/planning
  • Content creation
  • Programming
  • Client review and refinements
  • Launch

Whenever possible, we like to get started quickly and complete within 4-6 weeks.

How much does it cost? (i.e., a website / advertising / email marketing / etc.)2016-10-21T14:56:18-04:00

It’s a common question — how much is a website / search advertising / email newsletter / etc. There’s no simple answer for that. If you build a house, what you put into it determines the final cost. Similarly a website price might start around $2,500 and costs more based on number of pages, functionality, SEO research & writing, creative requirements, custom features, etc.

We start by gathering as much info from you about what you want to accomplish. Then we provide you with an estimate based on those assumptions. We typically charge a flat project fee. Other ongoing services may be based on an hourly rate.

It’s also helpful if you tell us whether you have a budget in mind. That enables us to tailor our solutions to fit your current needs.

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