When was the last time you’ve backed up your contact data in your Linkedin profile? Never? Don’t worry, you can backup your Linkedin contacts right now following these simple steps.

Login to your Linkedin.com profile.

Click “Contacts” then “Export connections”

How To Export Linkedin Contacts

Choose your preferred format: .CSV or .VCF.

  • CSV=Comma Separated Values, typically you’d be able to import into a spreadsheet.
  • VCF = vCard File, typically used to import into digital address books.

Enter the security image and click “Export” button.

When you save the file to your computer, add the date to the file name so you can distinguish the file from others you’ll save in the future.

Remember, free online service providers have no obligation to store/restore your data long term. Similarly, online service providers startup and shut down daily. So take control of your assets and make a backup copy for your peace of mind.

You might as well take a few minutes to login to your Facebook account and download your Facebook Data as well.

Hope you find this helpful.