I find myself dependent on technology to keep me organized, focused and prioritized. Throughout the day I regularly capture and tweak info in a variety of ways. What’s awesome is the ability to get to my data from different devices or desktops – from virtually anywhere, at any time.

Staying Organized While Out And About

Here are a few of my favorite iOS mobile apps I’ve found valuable enough to buy the premium version. Perhaps you’ll benefit from them too.

  1. Evernote – Upload and keep track of everything, syncronized between your device(s) and computer(s).
  2. Things – Keep track and manage your tasks.
  3. Remember The Milk – Keep track and manage your tasks.
  4. JotNot – Scan documents with your phone and save them as a PDF file.
  5. Dropbox – Share your files between device and computers.
  6. 1Password – Safely store and syncronize your passwords between your mobile device and computers.
  7. Xmarks – Syncronize your bookmarks across between your mobile device and your desktop browsers.
  8. MileTracker – Track your mileage and expenses.
  9. LogMeIn – Login to your desktop computer. iPad App cost $29.99 and also lets you move files back and forth between remote computers and your iPad.
  10. SimpleMindMap – Organize your thoughts.

Hope you find this useful. If you have some alternative suggestions, please add to the comments below.
Thank you.