How to Respond to Negative Google Review

A negative Google Review on your Google My Business listing can be irritating, especially if you think the reviewer was unjust. Running a business is [...]

Email Marketing for Beginners (Webinar)

Frustrated with social media? Not sure you want to spend money on online advertising? What if I told you that you could build long lasting relationsh [...]

Google Ads for Beginners (Webinar)

Having a hard time getting found in the Google search results? Learn how to get ahead of your competitors with some quick, actionable tips to set up [...]

How to Collect Money From Distant Clients

A lot of camps/schools/people/librarians are asking me to do video/webinars and they want to pay me via Venmo or PayPal. Which is easier? Is there any [...]

SEO for Beginners (Webinar)

Take advantage of your downtime and take back some control by working on your digital marketing. SEO helps you get found in the Google search results [...]

Liquid Web Cloud Sites Review

Wondering if Liquid Web Cloud Sites is right for you? I had been using the Rackspace Cloud Sites service since late 2012 and wrote a review back in M [...]

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