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Facebook page doesn’t appear when not logged in

I come across this at least once a month. Someone says they're managing a Facebook business page but for some mysterious reason, it doesn't appear pub [...]

Planning to use Google AdWords? Don’t use the ‘AdWords Express’ version!

I just helped another victim business owner who was duped into using Google AdWords EXPRESS. Every month I have the same conversation with new people [...]

Don’t let your domain name expire

Imagine a prospect clicked through to your website and saw this... Even worse, you didn't even know your website's domain had expired. The risks: If y [...]

Should I worry about the Heartbleed Bug?

The Heartbleed Bug: What you need to know In the past week, the media has been reporting about a serious vulnerability called the Heartbleed Bug affec [...]

How to register a domain name (FAQ)

This article is a primer to help you understand what a domain name is and how to register a domain name for your business. What is a domain name? Thin [...]

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