Do We Really Need Flash Animation?

Do We Really Need Flash Animation?

I’ve written before about how Flash Websites Are A Bad Choice For Small Businesses.

Now, let’s put it in another perspective. There are nearly 200 400* million popular mobile devices – with a web browser – that may not be able to render your Flash website or Flash content.

Here’s the sales breakdown of Apple mobile devices through March 2011:

  • iPhone = 108 million
  • iPad = 15 84 million* [Source1] [Source2]
  • iPod Touch = 60 million [Source]
  • Share:

    • Apple’s iPad is responsible for 2.1% of Web traffic in the U.S. [Source]
    • Apple’s Share of US Smartphone Market to Reach 30% This Year. [Source]

    *Updated 09/12/2012

    Don’t Use Flash? Surely You Can’t Be Serious?

    { I am serious. And don’t call me Shirley. }

    To be fair, these are worldwide sales numbers, and some portion of these devices have become inactive due to attrition.

    Also, it can be argued that Adobe Flash can certainly enrich the user experience. Depending on the source, over 95% of web browsers have the Adobe Flash player installed.

    Looking at the web analytics device stats for the scores of websites I manage, I see a very clear upward trend of iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and other mobile devices accessing business websites.

    Imagine how frustrating it is to see a blank area on the page where some interesting Flash animation should be.

    Considering all of the above, the case is clear to me. If there isn’t a legitimate business reason, you need to consider non-Flash alternates and video.

    What are your thoughts, pro/con? Please leave a comment below.