I was quoted in a recent article: “Is Spec Work A Dead End?” The general consensus among the seasoned professionals was a resounding yes.

I lost track of the scores of business pitches I’ve participated in during two decades at various direct marketing agencies. What consistently became clear over time was that arbitrary requests for spec work:

  • Demonstrate lazy marketing departments
  • Lack of respect for professionals/experience
  • Sleazy way to generate quality ideas to steal
  • Client/Agency relationship was never mutually beneficial
  • Set bad precedent for additional requests for free work

What’s The Big Deal?

Plain and simple, it comes down to respect. A client will never respect their agency as long as they can get away with bullying the agency.

“The Cost Of Doing Business.”

Incredulously, there’s still a pervasive attitude that spec work is a cost of doing business, even with existing clients. Emotions aside, as a business owner, I’m tasked with assessing risk vs reward. The one thing I’m certain of, I have no intention of doing spec work ever again.

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