Marketing tactics you have not tried yet. Maybe it's time to try Plan B.

A friend of mine was feeling down. She’s smart, hardworking, seasoned; and has bootstrapped her consulting business for years. Having put a lot of effort into her website and development of training videos to sell her services, she’s frustrated that prospect interest hasn’t matched her expectations, causing her to question if any of it matters.

My advice is maybe she needs to step back and rethink her marketing tactics.

What are you doing and what can be done better?

Before throwing in the towel, have you tried any of these tactics:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) — Write keyword optimized content pages to improve chances of getting found in the organic search results.
  • Build an email marketing list and send monthly.
  • Create a free report/whitepaper to give away as the incentive to join your email list.
  • Offer free educational webinars to attract prospects, add to email list and potentially sell to. You can also do this in person for business networking groups.
  • Pick a LinkedIn Group (or start your own) and become a visible expert in there.
  • Start a small mastermind group that has weekly teleconferences.
  • Choose a few social media platforms your target audience spends time on and build a network of followers by frequently sharing curated and created content. Don’t forget to engage with those folks and show interest in what they do.
  • Pay for search engine advertising to drive visits.
  • Record your own series of short, focused videos with your smartphone, upload them to YouTube, embed the video in a blog post, then share the blog post link on your Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Partner up! Someone out there is going through the same frustrations. Figure out how to collaborate to accomplish similar goals.

Don’t quit until you’ve tried everything.

There are many more marketing tactics and variations of the list above. Point is, you may have postponed trying something new because you didn’t like the sound of it or because you didn’t understand it. Learn it, get your hands dirty, make sure you have a method to measure results. Ask for help if you aren’t confident how to do it.

Hope this is helpful. Please add your suggestions in the comments below. Thanks.