Frustrated with social media? Not sure you want to spend money on online advertising? What if I told you that you could build long lasting relationships that convert into customers, become evangelists on your behalf, or refer others to you?

Now is the time for you to begin email marketing for your business. It’s challenging to catch a prospect’s attention in social media. But if you can deliver a quality, relevant message to their email inbox, you have a good chance of building a long lasting relationship.

NOTE: This is for beginners only with NO prior experience with email marketing or MailChimp. We will NOT discuss other email marketing platforms, list buying, audience segmentation, or other advanced tactics so we don’t overwhelm the participants.

I gave this Email Marketing for Beginners webinar with the specific goal of sharing tactical, actionable tips that the attendees could use afterwards. It was well received. If you enjoyed/benefited, please leave a comment on this page. Thank you. –Roland

Presented 05/26/2020 via the Somerset County Business Partnership.