I love Evernote. It’s part of my daily routine to file away nuggets of info I know that I’ll need to reference in the future. It’s available as a desktop software application, a mobile app, and simply via your web browser. The free version is very comprehensive and uses encryption. The paid version is reasonably priced and gets you more storage and a bit more functionality.

“Remember everything. Capture anything. Access anywhere.”

My typical uses:

  • Using camera phone to snap a picture of white boards from meetings and email that to my account.
  • Create rough outlines of blog posts, presentations, ideas.
  • Store things I’ve learned, like bits of code I use frequently, or responses I send repeatedly in emails.
  • Store automotive reference info: oil type, oil filter #, air filter #, wiper blade sizes, tire PSI, how to turn off idiot lights, etc.
  • Keep useful charts/infographics I find online. Easy way to have the graphic, link to the source and some descriptive text.
  • Journal of activities I need to keep track of.
  • Collaboration – Share a note with someone.
  • Store specs when comparison shopping big ticket items.

Hope you find this helpful. If you use Evernote or a worthy alternative, please share in the comments below.