Having a hard time getting found in the Google search results? Learn how to get ahead of your competitors with some quick, actionable tips to set up a simple search advertising campaign and begin generating leads for your business using Google Ads. Take back some control by working on your digital marketing during this unusual time.

This Google Ads for Beginners webinar wasn’t a bunch of theoretical high-level hot air like many are. I kept it very simple so the participants could focus on beginner steps and not get overwhelmed. This webinar is for beginners only with NO prior experience with Google Ads/Adwords. We’ll go through steps to create a simple text ad campaign.

NOTE: We will NOT discuss Remarketing, YouTube ads, Display ads, Shopping ads, audiences, or other advanced tactics so we don’t overwhelm the participants.

I gave this Google Ads for Beginners webinar with the specific goal of sharing tactical, actionable tips that the attendees could use afterwards. It was well received. If you enjoyed/benefited, please leave a comment on this page. Thank you. –Roland

Presented 05/06/2020 via the Somerset County Business Partnership.