Fancy CupcakeToday is our company’s official 3 year anniversary. People thought I was crazy to start a new business in fall of 2008. People questioned me, “are you sure you want to do this?”

I have to admit that I didn’t see the economy collapse coming. It was just weeks/months ahead of all the dire, daily news about banks closing, financial institutions floundering, big-3 car companies shuttering dealerships, and people losing their jobs and homes.

Wayback Machine: What Madness Possessed Me?

Master of my domain has a nice ring to it. But realistically, I could no longer allow my professional fate to be in the hands of others. I wanted control over my career, who and what I worked for. So I spent a year planning my business venture, as well as how I’d exit from the corporate world. Finally I put the official stake in the ground on September 13, 2008.

Five Months Of Nothing

I hit the ground running. Joined the local chamber of commerce. Attending several business networking events a week. Met people. Shook hands. Swapped business cards and “Elevator Pitches.” Submitted proposals. Lot’s of proposals. Unfortunately everyone was scared. No money was exchanging hands. There were many sleepless nights without job security. So I kept at it, every day.

The Tipping Point

By February 2009, things began to brighten. A few proposals were awarded. Money started coming in. Projects were completed. Soon after client referrals began to roll in.

Now it’s Sept 2011. I’m still here. Last I counted, we completed projects for 70 clients. We’re adding new clients regularly. Spreading the love to some trusted collaborators to help get the work done and make my clients happy. Trying to figure out the next steps to grow.

Has It Been Easy?

Not at all. I knew a lot before becoming a small business owner, and have learned a ton more since as Chief Executive Everything. Through all the stress and anxiety, I am happier now working seven days a week for myself.

Most importantly:

  • Lights are on
  • Bills are paid
  • Kids are fed/clothed/sheltered
  • And I believe we’ve helped quite a few small business owners along the way directly, or via the NJ Small Business Development Center.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our success. I’m looking forward to the chapters ahead.