I’m pleased that we’ve passed our 4 year mark.

A year ago, while reflecting on the first three years in business, I dwelled on how hard it was to press forward with a new business startup at the beginning of the awful economic downturn. We 99%-ers are not all out of the woods yet, but things have become a bit better for many of us.

Now, the challenge is how to grow my business in a meaningful way.

Everything Has Changed

Fancy CupcakeTechnology has changed. Marketing opportunities have changed. The way people use technology for buying and selling have changed. In some ways, I have less in my “bag of tricks” to create the desired outcomes for my clients. (Thanks Google for making it harder than ever.)

Clients Have Changed

With the dramatic downsizing over the past few years, remaining companies need to do more with less. And those remaining employees are overworked and undertrained.

The Work Has Changed

Websites. Every business needs one. When planning to start my new business, I never thought it would become such a large percentage of the work I do daily.

The way prospects interact with websites has continued to evolve. This requires constant education, training and coming up with new solutions for clients.

Also, as the make up of clients has changed, profitability per project becomes a challenge. I have no difficulty finding prospects, the problem becomes when they want 80 hours of work for an unrealistic price.

Quite A Few People Are Stuck In Limbo

I speak with many small business owners who really don’t have a clue how to use technology in their business. They may be aware it is out there. They question the rationale for having a business website. They don’t understand social media. They don’t even want a smartphone. This subset of technophobes are standing still, while their competitors and the rest of us pass them by.

What Have I Accomplished This Past Year?

At this point, I’m pleased that:

  • Lights are still on.
  • I always pay bills on time.
  • My kids are fed/clothed/sheltered.
  • I helped many clients achieve results.
  • I’ve helped many small business owners via the NJ Small Business Development Centers.

Areas Of Improvement

There are so few hours in the day and it’s challenging to balance all those demanding family and professional obligations.

I hate being late. It gnaws at me, upsets me, keeps me awake at night. So that’s where I want to strengthen myself over the next year in order to translate positively into my business efforts.

The Future’s So Bright…

Thank you to everyone who contribute to our ongoing success. I’m looking forward to the year ahead.