“Data liberation” is a good trend among social media websites. Considering how many hours you spend loading those sites with your content, it’s good to know that it has become easier to keep a backup copy for your reference.

Why? Well, you need to remember that free services have no obligation to restore your data if they shut down your account or you accidentally delete something that was important to you.

How Do I Do It?

It’s actually very easy to download your Facebook data. Just follow these steps:

Steps To Download My Information From Facebook. Go to Account Settings, Download a Copy, Start My Archive.

In a few hours you’ll receive an email from Facebook to the primary email address you associated with your Facebook account. In the email is a link to download Facebook data in a ZIP file. Once you unpack that compressed file, you’ll find neatly organized folders with your photos, timeline posts, lists of friends.

It does not include any groups or business pages that you may have created.

Now that you’re done making a downloading your Facebook data, go login to your Linkedin.com account and export a copy of all your Linkedin contacts.

Then login to your Google account and export a copy of all that great stuff. Here’s how to liberate your data from Google.

Hope you find this helpful.