I’m often asked how I’ve learned so much about search engine marketing and particularly search engine optimization (SEO) because I make very detailed recommendations.

The simple answer is…

  • I read a lot of books
  • I subscribe to a lot of newsletters
  • I listen to subject matter experts
  • I test and learn

I first started my SEO education process back in 2006. Often my clients didn’t understand or want to invest in it. So I created my own projects to get my hands dirty. (I often find that it’s the best way to do things!)

I like working with clients who want to learn and understand. That makes my job much easier.

Here are some helpful resources you can explore to begin your SEO education:

Pick Up A Book!

Look for books published after 2008. Check these out at your local library (and buy one you like the most):

*DISCLOSURE: We may receive compensation if you click on an affiliate link and purchase a product.

Keep Up With Industry Chatter.

Since tactics change periodically to match the changes Google, Yahoo and Microsoft make to their search engine algorithms and the methods they use to present results to their users. So it’s important to keep up with the industry chatter.

Check out some of the leading industry blogs:

Also subscribe to some weekly email newsletters:

Listen To Great Advice.

Finally, go on iTunes and search for podcasts about Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing. I recommend this one:

  • SEO 101 Podcast — Start with the early 2009 episodes and work your way forward.

Now you have no excuse to start learning about search engine optimization best practices.

Why Do I Share This With You?

It’s simple. I like working with smart people. If you have the time to get a basic understanding of the concepts, we can have strategic conversations together about your business.

My goal is to help your business succeed. If you don’t have time to learn, of course I’d be happy to do the work for you. Just let me know.

I hope you find this helpful.