Once you put any information online about yourself, you toss aside any assumption of privacy. In a “walled garden” like Facebook, some people become a bit too complacent with the amount of personal information they share.

Fortunately Facebook does provide some privacy settings to allow you to limit who has access to view your data. But what if someone close to you might know your password and logs in as you to see what you’re posting?

Enable Login Notifications

Go to Security Login Notifications and enable it. (I think it is off by default.)

After successfully setting that, you can receive an email (or text message) whenever you (or someone else) logs into your Facebook account from an unrecognized device/location. You will need to login a few times from your home computer, work computer, mobile phone, tablet, etc. so Facebook begins to recognize which you regularly use.

Here’s an example of the notification email you might receive:

A new unknown device logged into your Facebook account (Tuesday, May 1, 2012 at 10:46am) from Somerville, NJ, US (IP=xxx.xx.xx.x). (Note: This location is based on information from your ISP or wireless provider.)
Was this you? If so, you can disregard the rest of this email.

If you get an email that gives you reason to worry, change your password ASAP.

Over time you’ll be able to adjust your list of recognized devices.

Hope you find this helpful. Let me know.