Take advantage of your downtime and take back some control by working on your digital marketing. SEO helps you get found in the Google search results, but it can be very complex and intimidating to do well. To keep things simple for the average small business owner, we’ll focus on very specific, actionable SEO for beginners steps you can take to make immediate improvements to your website.

This webinar wasn’t a bunch of theoretical high-level hot air like many are. But I kept it very simple so the participants could focus and not get overwhelmed. I provided very basic/specific SEO for beginners tips that the average Small Business Owner can use immediately to start optimizing their website. It’s about simple keyword research, website structure, on-page optimization. You will not find any advanced tactics, no inbound link building, no “black hat”, no local listings. It’s just to help absolute beginners get started on their Search Engine Optimization journey.

I gave this SEO for Beginners webinar with the specific goal of sharing tactical, actionable tips that the attendees could use afterwards. It was well received. If you enjoyed/benefited, please leave a comment on this page. Thank you. –Roland

Presented 04/22/2020 via the Somerset County Business Partnership.