Website Design

Best Ways To Ruin Your Website Design

As a Marketing Consultant, I speak to many entrepreneurs looking to build their first website. I find it odd how I keep running into people that want [...]

Should You Use Google Sites To Build/Host Your Website?

While counseling small business owners, I hear many complaints about free website design and hosting solutions. For entrepreneurs starting out on a ti [...]

Data Supporting Why To Avoid Flash On Your Website

I've written before about how Flash Websites Are A Bad Choice For Small Businesses. Now, let's put it in another perspective. There are nearly 200 40 [...]

Designing An eCommerce Website – How To Increase Sales Conversions

I review a lot of eCommerce websites for business owners that I counsel, as well as for prospects who come to me for services. Assuming they've done a [...]

How To Make An Effective Website

When hired to redesign a business website, I always ask the client what he/she thinks was wrong with the old one. Aside from looking outdated, the res [...]

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