What greater compliment could I receive this week than:

“The Guy’s Got His Sh*t Together!”

That cracked me up. It’s not exactly something that can be posted on my Linkedin recommendations. Yet I’m proud and speechless all at the same time.

Come to think of it, while it’s been a rough week professionally, personally, health-wise and weather-wise, it is ending on a positive note:

  • I provided business counseling to a few entrepreneurs.
  • I taught a class and received all positive feedback.
  • Talked to 4 new business prospects this week.
  • Got firm project commitments from 2 prospects.
  • Put in a couple hours of paid consulting by phone.
  • Several dormant projects are moving forward again.

So I have to ask myself, why do I seem to have my

[bleep] together?

  • All the effort I put into business networking is paying off through the connections I’ve made.
  • Public speaking, business counseling, teaching have helped establish me locally as a subject matter expert.
  • As hard as it sometimes is, I keep reminding myself to ask for the sale. Sounds easy, but often it isn’t.
  • I stay on top of my billings and get invoices out the door on time (mostly).
  • I ask myself this question several times a day, “Is what I’m doing right now making me any money?” If the answer is not an acceptable “no,” I refocus immediately.

Maybe I do have my [bleep] together.

What about you?