It looks terribly unprofessional for service providers to use email accounts like:,,,,, etc. for their business email.

Why? With all the scams online, it creates doubt about your credibility as a real business.

A professional business email address is an extension of your personal and business brand. While it is one minor piece of your overall marketing effort, it’s part of your first contact with a prospect. Get it right and reduce one more barrier to a great conversation.

While many domain registrar and web hosting companies offer email as a service, many do not provide high quality, functionality and flexibility you may want.

Therefore, you should seriously consider either:

  • Google Apps for Work
    It’s Gmail with your own domain and no ads for only $5/user/month.
    Plus you should have a Gmail account to link all the Google services you’d use for marketing your business.
  • Microsoft’s Office 365 Business
    It’s $5/user/month, not including mobile apps (Or $8.25 with Office apps on tablets and phones)

Ultimately the features and costs are fairly comparable and they both provide high quality business email service. It’s up to you to decide if you have a strong preference for one provider over the other.

My personal preference is Google Apps for Work.* I’ve used it for many years without problems. For the price, it’s a very good deal for the inbox spam filtering, no ads, calendar, 30 GB of storage, collaboration tools, mobile apps, etc.

I do not recommend Office 365 Business. The admin screens are not at all intuitive. (Try figuring out how to add user accounts.) I’ve had multiple problems with MX record set up that I’ve never had with any other email service. My experience calling their tech support has been terrible — I’ve been hung up on twice because unhelpful guys can’t provide any solution. I explain the issue over and over again. Yet all they do is keep clicking away on their keyboard in a noisy call center and solve nothing. It’s very sad.

Need help setting up your business email?

Typically within a few hours we can have a new account setup with your business domain and migrate your old emails to the new account.

Use more than one business email account? No problem, we can often combine them so you just have to check one inbox to receive and send from.

Ready to step up to the next level? Let’s talk.

* Disclosure: We may receive compensation if you click on an affiliate link and make a purchase from that service provider.