Email marketing to your audience is still one of the most effective and cost efficient ways of staying in touch with your customers and generating referral traffic.

But successful email campaigns start with careful planning, design and diligent list management. If you investing proper time in planning, testing and execution, you’ll continually learn something new to improve the success of the next deployment.

Consider these best practices:

  1. Start with a plan
  2. Maintain the quality of your mailing list(s)
  3. Send emails only to subscribers who’ve opt-in to receive communications from you
  4. Send only relevant messages
  5. Design the email with your subscribers in mind
  6. Prepare custom landing pages for any links in the email
  7. Test everything before sending
  8. Measure everything
  9. Comply with CAN-SPAM act best practices
  10. Have easy to use unsubscribe/opt-out functionality

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