Will your full size website look good on the small screen of a modern smartphone? Possibly, but it’s not the best user browsing experience.

48% of smartphone users are more likely to buy from companies whose mobile sites or apps provide instructional video content.1

Instead, we can create a mobile-friendly version. The benefit is that the most important content is emphasized for the visitor viewing your website on a small screen.

So what exactly is a mobile responsive website?

A mobile responsive website layout will reorganize to fit different device screen sizes and orientation.A mobile responsive website layout reorganizes to fit different device screen sizes and orientation. Some content might shrink proportionally. Other content may re-arrange vertically.

When redesigning your website, the best approach is to respect the user by:

  • Prioritizing the content.
  • Keeping it easy to digest.
  • Guide them with a call-to-action.

Is mobile responsive design really necessary?

If you have a website, check out your website analytics. That will show you quantitatively what percentage of your current website visitor traffic is coming by device type — desktop, mobile, tablet. Now compare that to a year ago. You should see a significant increase in the amount of mobile visitors, since every day, more Americans are using a smartphone.2

Examples of the percentage of website visits by device type.
Google publicly warned that as of April 21, 2015, mobile-friendly pages may be treated more favorably in mobile search results.3

See for yourself. Put your website domain name into either Google’s or Bing’s Mobile-Friendly Test.

The benefits are clear:

  • You only have one version of your website to maintain, saving you time and money over the long-term.
  • It’s a much better user experience for your prospect, making it more likely to purchase from you.

So, are you ready for a mobile responsive website? Great, let’s talk today. Call (908) 344-5688.


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