Pay Per Click Advertising (or “PPC”) campaigns are an effective way to help you get found on the search engines when you might not appear organically. Your PPC ad is displayed to consumers while they search for information related to your business.

Pay Per Click Advertising, Search Engine Advertising Bridgewater NJ

You need a link to your website on the Google search results page.

Have you looked at a Google search result page lately? Often it is a single column of links in this order:

  1. Up to 4 Google AdWords ads at the very top of the page.
  2. Followed by a Google Map with a “3-pack” of local businesses.
  3. Then comes up to 10 organic search links – a mix of businesses, directories, blog posts, videos, etc. — If you are lucky, at least one link to your website appears here.
  4. Finally, up to 3 more Google AdWords ads at the bottom of the results page.

That’s a long, scrolling page and you want to be as high up on that page as possible.

What happens if you have no organic link or business listing on the Google search results page?

Your prospects will click the organic and paid search advertising links for your competitors.

If you have no presence on the page with organic results or the local business listing, Pay Per Click ads are the way you can force your way to the top of that search result page. Your account is charged if someone clicks on your ad. But at least you got them on your website to convince them to take the next step to contact you or buy from you.

It’s incredibly competitive, but high page presence and lead generation is achievable.

How does a Pay Per Click Advertising Campaign work?

We research and identify unique keywords and phrases that consumers are currently using to find your business (and competitors). Then we write ads, design landing pages, setup the campaign, test the effectiveness of your ads and learn more about the visitors to your website using web analytics.

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