Podcast? What’s a podcast? Think of it as an Internet radio show that anyone in the world can listen to anytime they want, anywhere they want – in a car, on an iPod, at the computer. In fact, it can be either audio or video.

business podcastLet’s face it, you’re savvy with lot’s of real world experience. Why not record and publish that for others to hear? You might be surprised at the business connections you’ll make. Imagine… a year from now someone might listen to your very first episode and it could be very relevant to him/her at that time.

Not convinced? The investment is mainly your time. Learn how you can use podcasting to get your message across:

We’ll hook you up with everything you need: equipment, editing, hosting, methods for users to subscribe, and statistics. We can record you solo or co-host if you prefer.

Interested? Be sure to read our Eight tips for successful business podcasts.

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