You’re the Human Resources Director for a large company. Rather than sending out impersonal emails and memos, why not communicate in a more personal method? Remember, your dealing with human beings, not rows on a spreadsheet.

Consider recording and distributing a short, monthly audio podcast as another tool in your arsenal. The benefits are clear:

  • Make the employees feel a more personal connection to the company.
  • Verbally explain complex issues, office policies or “dry” topics.
  • Place emphasis on critical topics or policies.
  • Reduce confusion and improve employee understanding regarding policies and procedures.
  • Quickly distribute information in response to a crisis.
  • Improve morale by sharing employee contributions and team success stories.
  • Provide the opportunity for employees to contribute and become engaged with the social well being of their colleagues.

As part of the orientation kit for each new hire, you can give an inexpensive iPod with instructions how to automatically subscribe to receive the HR podcast. In fact, create a series of “new hire tutorials” so the same, consistent message is distributed. New and current staff can listen to it when, where and how they want to — during the commute, at lunch, at the gym.

We’ll hook you up with everything you need: equipment, editing, hosting, methods for users to subscribe, and statistics. We can record you solo or co-host if you prefer.

The opportunities are limited only by the imagination. Let’s discuss how a business podcast could work for you. Call (908) 344-5688 or use the Contact Form.