You’re the Director of Sales overseeing a vast sales force spread across many territories. You’re responsible for making sure objectives are met and quotas are filled. The competitive landscape is constantly changing and you’ve never met many of the remote sales team. So, how do you give your team the information they need and the motivation to close deals?

Consider recording and distributing a short, weekly audio podcast as another tool in your arsenal. The benefits are clear:

  • Distribute your message consistently to your broad team, thereby reducing confusion and miscommunication.
  • Quickly share your competitive/industry observations, subject matter expertise and point of view.
  • Connect on a more personal level to motivate remote staff.
  • Place emphasis on critical topics, talking points, and positioning statements.
  • Your sales team can listen to it when, where and how they want to — in the car, at the desk, at the gym.

We’ll set you up with everything you need: equipment, editing, hosting, methods for users to subscribe, and statistics. We can record you solo or co-host if you prefer. You could simply phone it in and we’ll take care of pushing it out.

The opportunities are limited only by the imagination. Let’s discuss how a business podcast could work for you. Call (908) 344-5688 or use the Contact Form.