It’s easy to record conversations and post them online. If you’re serious about podcasting for business, check out the following tips for making a successful business podcast:

  • Don’t make an unattainable goal/metrics for your podcast. Your podcast may be better at establishing affinity for your brand over the long term than measurable transactions in the short term.
  • Make subscribing easy for the consumers and available in many different channels. It’s not all about hosting on a single Web site. The content should be distributed anywhere, any way, any how the consumer wants to get it. The consumer wants to be in control.
  • Quality content needs to be short and digestible, as well as compelling and memorable. You can always drive people to a Web site afterwards to retrieve additional content (e.g. URLs/recipes/ingredient lists).
  • Frequency is important. Weekly is best. If the podcast is good, subscribers will come to expect it. If you don’t meet expectations, consumers will unsubscribe to listen to other podcasts competing for their attention.
  • Don’t let the lawyers cripple your efforts. There’s no better way to deflate the wind in your sails than to let the lawyers on your ship. ‘Nuff said.
  • Respect copyrights — Yours and others.
  • Results take time. You don’t pull the plug after three weeks. You’ll need to earn trust and credibility. Having a reputable brand name attached helps in credibility, but if the content is overtly/heavy handedly branded, it will put off viewers. Plan at least a twelve week editorial calendar to start.
  • Don’t limit yourself to just video podcasts. Not everyone has a video iPod nor the time to sit in front of a computer to watch video. Audio is certainly easier and faster to produce and has less impact on your hosting/bandwidth expenses.

Don’t under estimate the amount of work necessary to help consumers find your podcast. There’s no limit to the tactics and networking to help promote your efforts. If your content is good, your subscribers will become fiercely loyal evangelists.

The opportunities are limited only by the imagination. Let’s discuss how a business podcast could work for you. Call (908) 344-5688 or use the Contact Form.

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