Humans type keywords into search engines. Search engines display links to related websites that closely match those keywords. Therefore, it stands to reason that carefully thought out keyword strategy is essential to a successful website.

Planning For Your Human And Non-Human Website Visitors

Of course a website is for your human prospects. However, search engines will crawl your website regularly to determine what pages to add to their indexes. If a search engine can’t figure out what the primary topic of your page is, you’ve severely limited your chances of a link to that page getting found in the search results.

Keyword Research

So what’s the right word to best describe your business, service or product? You can’t just guess at it.

We start by defining a keyword strategy for the website, followed by considerable keyword research to determine what phrases are most appropriate to your product/service offerings. We evaluate the marketplace, look at your competition, review your existing website analytics and use various research tools to assess the strengths/weaknesses of a variety of keyword phases, and ultimately determine the best to use. Once finalized, content pages throughout your website can be optimized properly.

Often times we’ve discovered that the keyword phrase a client thinks highly of is actually searched on much less than similar terms. Through due diligence, we can uncover the best keyword phrases that will have a higher chance of success at improving your visibility in the search engines.

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