Training new employees can be challenging to ensure each new hire benefits from the intellectual knowledge and useful tips of the people who came before. Perhaps it’s time to document all those repetitive tasks and create a library for your staff and new hires to use.

Let us create user-friendly videos of your most repetitive tasks (offline or online). No, these are not cheesy videos of bad actors in 70s styles. We talking about short, topic centric videos that can be stored on your local network or on a web hosting server. No need for VCR or DVD players. All videos would be viewable online via your employee’s computer.

You benefit by:

  • Retaining institutional knowledge about your business processes/practices.
  • Reducing labor effort (time and expense) associated with training new hires.
  • Being able to expand your service capabilities by cross-training your staff during downtime.
  • Saving on travel costs by using distance learning to educate your staff.

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