You should write a blog to publish articles that demonstrate your expertise, explain your industry, or explain how prospects and customers can use your services/products.

Write a blog with a focus

A professional/corporate blog should:

  • Have focus on a specific area of expertise
  • Demonstrates your subject matter expertise
  • Publish quality content
  • Be relevant and focused
  • Be updated frequently (preferably once a week)
  • Provide value to the reader

Write a blog with these tips in mind…

Writing a blog can be a liberating experience, especially as others find your content and begin to leave feedback and interact with you.

It’s critical that you:

  • Provide value – don’t waste the reader’s time
  • Be authentic
  • Interact with your readers audience
  • Don’t get into arguments with readers or other bloggers. Don’t hide from criticism… respond and move on.

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