As you write more content for your new website, please consider these writing tips to help increase the likeliness of having your pages indexed by the search engines.

  • Continue to write with authority / demonstrating your subject matter expertise.
  • Write authoritative lists. They’re easy to read and typically other bloggers link to authoritative lists to share with their own readers. Title examples:
    “Top 10 ways to avoid ________ failure”
    “Top 5 common mistakes when ___________”
    “Best ways to keep your _________ customer happy”
    “How to prepare for a year end audit”
  • Use keywords and phrases that your target audience would search on. Use them in the title, opening paragraph and throughout the article.
  • Use bullet lists (pros, cons, benefits, problems) in the body of your article. They’re easy to scan and provide the reader with concise thoughts.
  • Spell out acronyms at least once (typically first occurrence) in the body of your article.
  • 500-750 words is ideal.
  • Break up extremely long articles into multiple articles. For the readers it will be easier to read and keeps the reader engaged to want to read the next article in the series. It’s also good for search engines since search engines typically scan the first 1,000 words of a page.
  • Ask the reader a question. It invites the reader to share their opinion with you and fellow readers.

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